“Kismet Kismet Kismet! My experience into self discovery with Kismet has been nothing less than magical! Her gift and masterful technique skillfully guided me with much ease into the healing I needed. The transformation is considerable on a physical, emotional and energetic level. I am so ever grateful to have found such an uplifting and dedicated teacher. Who would have thought the journey into self love and empowerment could be this enjoyable? To many more fun and enlightening sessions!”

Dassine H.

“Kismet is so gifted, intuitive, and kind. She’s the best body healer I’ve ever seen! She’s helped me with sports injuries, post-partum issues, stiffness. She can do it all.”

Rachel Y., Teacher

“Kismet is an incredible teacher and healer! She will help you realign your energy — so you can heal yourself and better create the life of your dreams and highest potential! It‘s easy for me to overlook investing in taking care of myself — but coming to see Kismet (whether through classes, events, or one-on-one) is always worth every penny, tenfold!!! Go see Kismet, or sign up for a class — and watch your life change for the better. :D”

Matthew H., Musician

“I am torn writing this because I want to keep the best kept secret (Kismet) a secret! But she deserves a rave review so here goes. Regardless of whether you see her for an alternative to traditional therapy, a fresh perspective on life, the most insanely amazing massage you’ve ever have, Or to learn how to meditate, I promise you will not regret it. I have sent all my loved ones to Kismet and now I’m sending you. You are welcome! – in advance 😉 And Kismet if you are reading this- I get priority when it comes to booking ;)”

Jenny B.

“I love love Kismets work! I felt very tired and stuck for about 8 months…. I tried bunch of different meditations and healings, but nothing was helping me… I finally went to Kismets Drop In class and like next day so fast I felt something shifted.. I felt optimistic and my life started to move forward… Kismet is very intuitive, down to earth and awesome healer… we also laugh so much… She has so many different tools.. I am so pleased and happy to know her, and always looking forward to take her classes.. I like Happy Hour class ( great opportunity to let go off old energy and stress) Definitely feel love.”

Era M.

“Kismet is the best! I’ve learnt so much from doing her mediation course. I’ve tried many different mediation techniques but hers is by far the easiest, most effective and most fun! I’ve also had some big personal breakthroughs during our one to one sessions. And she’s does it all with some much love and humour. Can’t recommended her enough. She’s magic.”

Amy S.

“Kismet’s classes are unique! I am learning how to manage my own energy and create powerful energetic boundaries and peaceful techniques that change the quality of my day and expand my ability to create desirable experiences in my life. Plus the setting is hip and cool and modern, so it’s refreshing to be there. Kismet radiates fun, love, and joy! You will be so happy to learn from this magical being.”

Stephanie S.

“Brian Tracy once said if you want to turn 1 dollar into 30, the best investment strategy is to invest in yourself. Over the years, I’ve been to chiropractors, psychologists, doctors, personal trainers, and none of them have yielded a greater return than working with Kismet Salem. She truly does have a gift and continuously helps me understand more than I ever thought I could about myself.”

Omid V., Personal Trainer

“Gifted, generous, powerful, loving, amazing, talented, healer are just a few words that come to mind when describing Kismet. Her warm smile alone will take you from a bad mood to a good mood. But her healing just doesnt come from her smile… it comes from her heart.  I was seeing Kismet for a broken leg that wouldnt heal. Throughout our sessions she also found a broken soul that wouldnt heal. She not only helped my leg to heal she helped my heart to heal. I always felt better and walked better when I left.   One thing she did that was pretty remarkable, was when she worked on my scar tissue. I have many scars from the motorcyle accident that caused this. Some scars are from the mutliple surgeries to fix both my tibia and fibula fractures and another scar where my tibia bone broke through my skin.  This was the area that the fracture wouldn’t heal and the area she focused on. In just 2 sessions, the scar completly lightened and changed.   Even my physical therapist noticed the difference and questioned it.  The improvement in the scar is remarkable.  Its practically unnoticeable and looks nothing like the others, which are a deep purple color.   Pretty amazing.
I highly recommend Kismet.  Whatever healing you need help with, physical or emotional, Kismet will be the catalyst to get you where you need to be.  You wont regret it.”

Chad C., Actor

“I highly recommend Kismet’s mediation classes. The classes have been so beneficial. They have helped me stay grounded, while creating positive changes in my life. I really wanted to incorporate meditation into my everyday routine, but I found that the other types of meditation did not work for me. Kismet’s meditation is great if you are a creative, visual person. The tools are helpful every day, in every possible scenario. I have changed in such a positive way since taking Kismet’s classes. Thank you, Kismet!!!”

Susan C., Attorney

“Kismet is an incredibly gifted practitioner and all-round amazing human being.  She has an uncanny intuition that is met by years of passion and deep study of her practice.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I learned some critical life skills from Kismet that I will carry with me always.”

Nikki E.

“My sessions with Kismet are always transformational. She combines her extensive understanding of energy and anatomy, with her high level of intuitive awareness and the ability to deeply listen. She really cares about what someone is going through and without judgment, holds space for them in a way that is essential for healing to happen. An hour on her table is a gift everyone ought to receive.”

E. K., Painter

“Meditation with Kismet has been a transformative experience in my life. I always felt drawn to meditation, somatic practices, and healing and have spent the last 12 years searching and seeking in this area. The tools that Kismet has taught me have become daily practices. Cultivating more neutral space to explore my creativity, my relationships and my career have helped me make more clear and grounded decisions. And more than tools, Kismet has provided me with an experience of healing that many years of therapy and healing work did not. She made me feel like the best version of me is possible and supports me in striving towards that. I am less stressed, more connected to myself and others, and a more well rounded human as a result of engaging with Kismet in meditation and healing practices.”

Jami W., LMFT

“It seems like an impossible task to put into words the amazing miracles that Kismet has performed for me, or I guess I should say I have performed amazing miracles for myself and my life and my body through the care and guidance of Kismet.  I came to Kismet looking for alternatives for dealing with my overwhelming anxiety.  Through meditation, energy healing, somatic trauma resolution, body work, conversations, and encouragement I was able to dig deep and listen to my body for the first time in my life.  This ability to care for myself was not easy to learn.  Kismet’s extreme patience, inspiration, healing and love helped me cure myself. Two years ago I was heading in one single direction, expecting one fate for my life.  Now I feel like the possibilities are endless.  I am a new person; I am a better version of myself! I have taken ownership over my body and my life.  Harmony exists where it never has before.  I am forever grateful for Kismet.  She is truly blessed with an amazing gift.”

Maggie M. R., Expressive Therapist

“My sessions with Kismet have truly been a bodymindspirit experience and quite honestly I had no idea what that even meant before I met her. Kismet really knows how to get to the root of what you’re dealing with to treat your whole being. I love my sessions with Kismet and especially how re-connected I feel afterward.”

Christina M., Brand Manager, Advertising

“Kismet is a wonderful, knowledgeable person. Her work is intuitive and right on! I always feel safe and in best hands with her. Kismet’s work manifests on many levels and resonates for days. She knows how to get the stress out of your and how to balance you emotionally and energetically. Kismet is a master of her art. I highly recommend her!”

Beate H., Mother

“I am an animal intuitive healer, and have been working with wildlife all over the world. In my travels, I have met and worked with many holistic practitoners. And though impressed by many, few have had such a strong influence in transforming the work that I do, as Kismet had. Kismet’s sessions are about opening a portal into someone’s soul so that they can connect back to their Source. Her sessions are incredibly powerful and the work she does is truly amazing, because the bigger picture in what she does is about mentoring someone’s body, mind and soul back to wholeness. She caters to each and every one individually. It has been through my own healing experiences with Kismet that I have been able to process and let go of many things that were holding me back for a very long time. And I find that her assistance on my healing journey has gone far beyond any one session that I’ve ever had with her. Because once the portal is opened, anything is made possible. Thank you Kismet…for all of your love and support.”

E. D., Animal Intuitive Healer
CBP, CAP, CFP, CHt, CCMBA Instructor, Reiki Master

“Where do you turn when you feel that you have something that just won’t heal? Well, I turned to Kismet and I’m so glad I did! For over a year, I had tried going to mental health therapists, alternative medicines and even priests but nothing could release the pain I felt. I knew instinctually, that the problem wasn’t in my head, meaning that it wasn’t something that could be fixed by reason or thinking. My soul felt out of alignment – it was a sickness of my heart, of my whole being. I turned to Kismet in complete frustration and despair. And, with an untroubled smile in her voice she helped me in one session! The change inside of me is so extraordinary and the deep darkness has not returned! Unlike any other therapist I have ever worked with, Kismet works with you. She resonates with you and asks questions so that she stays in tune to exactly where you are, not where you should be to an outsider’s opinion. She actually listened and heard what I had to say. And through it all her love and healing presence simply surrounds you. And she did this for me in one hour and from the opposite side of the world. I can’t say that I understand how she works, but put most simply, she is a healer! And I am so grateful and blessed to have her help.”

Deborah W.

If you work with Kismet, you will get results! Since working with her over 2 years I have seen more growth and improvement than I have in 20 years. She helps you reach your goals with amusement, ease and did I say fun! She’s the best thing I have found for self improvement!

Tiffany S.