These Sessions are available in the 3 tiers:
  • 1/2 Hour
  • 1 Hour
  • 1-1/2 Hour
  • 2 Hour Combination Session
Getting a Metaphysical Bodywork sessions is like a mini Retreat for YOU BodyMindSpirit.
There is many ways of addressing the Healing process in these sessions we focus on the physical approach to healing. This is not to say when you have a physical ailment you have to go this route there is always an energetic component and a mind component to fully heal. Energy work is used in all the sessions involved the process and applications differ. In these sessions there is touch involved oils, Ayurvedic formulated oils, essential oils as well as numerous other tools like hot and cold stones, cupping etc.
Taking care of yourself physically as well as spiritually and mental is as important as breathing. Your nervous system is alive and when you constantly run on adrenaline, stress going going going things will lay down in the physical form that get stuck and form literally knots, restriction in movement etc.