Nature has provided almost all living creatures with very similar responses to the threat of danger. When any animal is faced with a life-threatening situation, adrenalin is pumped into the system for a fight, flight or freeze response. When the animal’s out of danger, the system can get back into balance, by starting to engage in discharge behaviors, like shaking or twitching. This isn’t random. It actually allows excess survival energy in the nervous system to begin to discharge. And in this way, the animal’s system has a chance to fully re-integrate.

However, out of all species, there’s only one that routinely develops long-term, after-effects from trauma—the Human. Just like animals, we have an innate self-regulating mechanism to heal ourselves after a stressful event. But sadly, in our societies, there’s a widespread practice of overriding or inhibiting this self-regulation. That means often after trauma, we simply can not heal.

So what’s trauma? It can be defined as anything that has felt overwhelming to the nervous system. Sources of trauma can include accidents, abuse, falls, injuries, sexual trauma, violence, invasive surgical or dental procedures, loss, or even birth. After a traumatic event like a car accident, for example, it’s easy to get pulled out of the discharge process by answering questions, like “what is your name?” or “where’s your insurance information?” This interruption causes the energy from the trauma to get trapped in our bodies.

Then, our bodies will find a way to deal with that energy, by chemically bonding it to our tissues, nerve endings, organs, etc. This process shows up in our lives in dozens of ways: sleep deprivation, anxiety, not being able to make changes, depression and even psychosomatic or behavioral problems.

In an STR session, Kismet will guide you to become curious about physical sensations. This is what opens the neural pathways, so trapped survival energies can start to discharge. Tissues in the body, emotional patterns and old trauma are renegotiated, rather then relived or retold. Emotions and relationship connections are encouraged and inner strength and resources become newly available.

No matter what the trauma, in this way, you begin to heal.

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