The Details

We’re a wellness space in Venice, CA. Our founder, Kismet Salem, has taught meditation and self help for many years. And now, she’s crafted one-on-one services and six week meditation classes to help people heal themselves and lay daily worries to rest. (There’s a reason most monks like to stay on the mountain. It’s stress-free!) But Kismet can help you feel prepared for those stressors bound to happen in the real world. With Kismetation, you can create a life you love. In short, you can quit surviving & start thriving!

“Kismet” means destiny, fate, fortune & the will of the Divine. So, here you’ll find the tools to live your own Destiny, your own Divine. The tools to create your Kismet. Woohoo!


Ready to Get Started?

“Healing does not come from increasing the amount of light in our lives, but from reaching into the shadow and drawing unreconciled elements of ourselves into the light.” – Kismet