This is the beginning learn to let go of stress and heal yourself.
Learn how to heal others. Learn how to utilize your creativity to create your life.
This class teaches the basic foundation of tapping into
who you are so you can create your own relationship to the world. Learn about your Spiritual Anatomy and tools that you can integrate immediately into your life. Learn to discern what is your energy and what is someone else’s. You will also learn the basics of giving to yourself and healing yourself, creating your Space (like grounding and releasing energy), filling yourself back up with your own energy, and using amusement to live a light and empowered life.

Here is what some Students are saying:

“Learned how to create powerful energetic boundaries and peaceful techniques that change the quality of my day and expand my ability to create desirable experiences in my life. ” Stephanie S.

“Learning how to realign my energy to heal myself enriched my live in incredible ways” M.H.

“I’ve tried many different meditation techniques but this is by far the easiest, most effective and most fun!” Amy Smyth

“Finally I found something that actually works for me to feel calm and safe” R.W.

“I can handle difficult situations with ease” R.G.

“Having more energy then I ever thought I could have” K.B.

“Awareness of how reactionary I was and being able to change that” Amalia



This class is built upon the basics of Med 1. Here, you’ll learn to create whatever you want for your life. You’ll learn to clear spaces and recognize being in present time. You’ll also learn the tools to solve problems and support your well being, intuition & overall ability to have fun!

This is a 6 weeks class for 2 hours a week
Prerequisite: Med 1


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