In order for us to manifest our true desires our BodyMindSpirit needs to be in unison.

Heal the Spirit and the Spirit heals the BodyMind.

The Body is the densest form of our materialization, the mind is like a storage and problem solving facility, and the Spirit is Being.

Since the Spirit is the highest form of this triune set up, getting a communication on that level makes it really easy to let go of any restricting energy or anything that inhibits you to truly be and manifest and bring body mind and spirit back into alignment of communicating with each other.

So if you have areas in your life that don’t work or are not to your liking, have questions about them, this form of communication shifts things in an easy and light way.

Spirit + BodyMind = Manifestations

Our inner landscape needs to be gardened and tendered to in order to come into alignment to the spirit.

If our Spirit is all about loving and expressing that and then in our lives we react to minor things and fly of the handle we are not in alignment.

The reaction part is the part that is looking for resolution in order to align with spirit it is much easier for the spirit to come down to the body level in order to have alignment (this means being with what is and allowing it) so that whatever needs resolution can find it and leave and from there we can move forward in whatever it is we wish to create.

Acceptance is like a beautiful rain that washes and clears and nourishes at the same time.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.